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Photo: Zaid Abu Taha

Photo: Zaid Abu Taha

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Rachel has years of experience in supporting preemies to toddlers. From the start of skin to skin all the way to allowing self weaning, and everything in between.

Many families contact Rachel due to: latching issues, dysfunctional suck, bottle feeding aversion, pain, tongue tie/lip tie, Mastitis, plugged ducts, low milk supply/perceived low milk supply, mothering twins/triplets, inducing lactation (adoption, surrogate, partner induced lactation), diet evaluation for colic, reflux or allergies, bottle feeding techniques, breast cancer, breast surgery, and the list goes on…

We offer prenatal consults, breastfeeding, chest feeding, & bottle feeding consults + follow up consults in your home or our office.

Rachel cares deeply for how the transition into parenthood is going. After your feeding assessment she’ll help you navigate your emotions, listen and help you strategize any stress you may be taking on. Her favorite techniques are breathing exercises, mindful meditation, or helping you lift any negativity. Stress has a negative impact on your milk supply and ability to bond with baby. The most important thing is to have healthy restful parents who are able to bond, nourish, and feel their best.

We are here to support you and get you off to the best start possible, or to help with challenges along the way. Please contact us for information about our pricing.