"I appreciate your help and expertise, which came at a time when I was desperate for help with breastfeeding.  I think if I had not received your guidance when I did, I almost certainly would not still be breastfeeding.  I am very grateful for your support."

"Rachel helped me with both of my kids. Reaching out for her help was one of the smartest things I did and well worth the money. With my first I didn’t realize how difficult breastfeeding was. And I was worried my baby wasn’t getting enough to eat. Rachel came over right away. She spent almost three hours with me, weighing my baby, talking to me about everything baby related not just breastfeeding. It was such a relief to know that I was not crazy thinking that it was not me doing it all wrong. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I was! My son breastfed for 1.5 years and is a happy and very healthy little guy! My daughter was born two years later. This time, I called Rachel right after the delivery. It turned out my daughter had the same problems as my son that we took care of right away. A different set of challenges followed that we resolved with Rachel's help and now we are 1.5 months into successful breastfeeding relationship that both my daughter and I are very proud of."

                                                                                                                                                                      "It was a lifesaver and definitely worth every penny. I felt like I had no plan and didn’t feel like I was getting enough support for lactation at the hospital. Once we returned home from the hospital, Rachel came over within an hour of me calling and helped us with a plan of what to do to make sure our baby was getting what she needs. She was very supportive and didn’t make us feel like our questions were silly. She went well above and beyond her responsibilities — offering us advice on baby products and different supplements as well as connecting us with doctors she trusts to care for our daughter."

"Rachel came over within hours of me calling her to help with my newborn’s latching issues after his tongue/lip tie procedure. She was so wonderful to work with. Very relaxed and calm. She had everything with her and helped me find solutions and exercises to work on too! Completely lovely experience and great help!!"