"I appreciate your help and expertise, which came at a time when I was desperate for help with breastfeeding.  I think if I had not received your guidance when I did, I almost certainly would not still be breastfeeding.  I am very grateful for your support." -Marguerite

 Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Prenatal Consult

Rachel will focus on your health history and breast/nipple issues that can impact your nursing relationship with your sweet babe.  Whether this is your first pregnancy or your 10th, we'll discuss your prior breastfeeding experience, fears and concerns. What to expect for a home/hospital birth and their link to breastfeeding. I'll also review diet, baby wearing, safe sleep and partner support.

 Photo by Jess Lynn Photography

Photo by Jess Lynn Photography

Initial Consult

We'll discuss an in-depth medical, birth and breastfeeding history, to help Rachel better understand anything that may make breastfeeding difficult. Rachel will assess parent’s breasts/nipples, and infant's posture/ oral anatomy. Rachel will observe a feeding and take pre/post weights to help write recommendations that will fit with parent’s breastfeeding/pumping goals. Rachel also works with bottle fed infants and exclusively pumping parents.

 Photo by Jess Lynn Photography

Photo by Jess Lynn Photography

Follow Up Consult

If you are continuing to experience the issue from our initial consult or another issue arises that is more than a 10 minute phone call. A follow up consult will be needed

Rachel will assess for anatomy improvement, continuation of pain/suck issues, assess for thrush, mastitis and many more issues.  We'll review nursing positions, continued pumping needs or supplement needs.         

  • Rachel will travel up to 35 minutes away from the town of Purcellville.

  • All clients will receive 1 month unlimited phone/email support.

  • Take a look at what our new home office has to offer.

  • Returning clients will receive 10% off their initial consult.

  • Military families will receive 10% off all consults.

  • Fire fighters, EMTs, and police officers serving Loudoun County will receive 25% off their initial consult. 

  • We now offer all families our billing service, we want you to be able to relax after the consult and not have to worry about submitting the bill.

  • We truly want to make our services accessible to our community, please contact Rachel directly if you would like to discuss our sliding scale or payment plan options.

    "Rachel is a stellar lactation consultant. I highly recommend her. What sets her apart is her extensive knowledge of tongue ties--including hard-to-identify posterior tongue ties. Our daughter was cleared as having no tie by both her very skilled pediatrician and a different lactation consultant. They both missed her tongue tie. An astute doula noticed it might be an issue with our daughter and recommended we contact Rachel. I am so glad she did! Rachel was kind and generous with her expertise. Her passion to help moms and babies with their breastfeeding relationship is readily apparent. It is obvious that she is driven not only to help us, but to help share her knowledge with other professionals. Helping pediatricians and other lactation consultants better understand tongue ties will help all of us trying to succeed in breastfeeding our babies." Mama Emily